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You are searching for long term food storage and you need the best keeping, the most hassle free, and the most delicious survival foods which are freeze-dried foods. The company we work with has many years of experience and helps you with long term food storage of various kinds of survival foods and not just one kind of food. It gets awfully boring to your taste buds to eat one kind of food at every meal for years and never experience the pleasure of just adding water and then eating various kinds of delicious freeze-dried foods at each meal that you wisely had stored away.

Having long term food storage guidelines that are nothing more than a list of the various kinds of freeze dried foods you should supply for your home is especially important now in light of the rising costs of food and the possibility that food may become unaffordable for the average person in the near future. Crashing currencies and economies around the globe make home food storage of freeze dry foods one of the most important things you can do now. You can not feed yourself with worthless money that may someday soon be so worthless that it will take a wheelbarrow full just to buy a loaf of bread. That happened during Germany's Wiemar Republic and modern countries who are now on a money printing spree are now on the same economic track as that republic was. It is not worth delaying your purchase now and then watching food costs sky rocket to unimaginable levels.

If you arrived on this site already convinced of the wisdom of planning ahead and you think that having food stored up is more important than having gold and silver then you need not read any further, but instead look around this site for everything that you need because we have set up this site to make available the best in long term food storage methods, survival supplies, list of foods, long term food storage containers, and information. But if you still need some convincing of the need for setting up your family or just yourself with emergency food storage then please take a look at the National Inflation Association web site and you will see how the cost of food is guaranteed to catapult upwards to record breaking levels in the future.

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Undergirded with assurance from the knowledge that past history of inflationary trends gives to us, there is no need for you to wait for divine revelation that directs you to store up food to protect the lives of your family. It is a no brainer. By the way, it was divine revelation which undergirded the largest long term food storage program in the world which took place during the time of Joseph son of Jacob as told in the Hebrew scriptures. He interpreted Pharaoh's dream that told of seven years of famine, but it took them seven years prior to that to save up the food needed for the seven years of food shortage. We do not have that same window of time length. Moreover, not everyone lives in a dry region like Egypt which helped the Egyptians with long term food storage. The only way you can create a really safe dry atmosphere to store your food is to have flash frozen freeze-dried food. You can store a year's supply right under your bed and when you add water it tastes great and has all the nutrition intact.

It is important and urgent that people everywhere in the world now trade some of their national currency before it loses more of its value and exchange it for freeze dried food. Dehydrated meals, mres for sale, and other emergency long-term food storage home survival supplies and containers come second since freeze dryed foods are all you really need. You need to make your long term food storage list of survival foods that are freeze dried from the information and contacts you get from our web site. Some of you live in humid areas so your food will not keep like it did in graneries in dry Egypt that were not air tight. You need to accumulate freeze dried foods and plenty of them as your first line of defense. Then if you want to add more to your program you can get air-tight containers, flash frozen food, dehydrated meals, mres and other supplies such as food pallets, and Gamma Lids which convert plastic buckets or plastic pails into a system of unique airtight home food storage containers.

Disclaimer: This website is not aimed at the citizens of any particular country. The purpose of this website is to warn people in every country of the world so people can be prepared. That is all. No government official in any country should interpret this website as being subversive, but rather you should be overjoyed that the citizens of your country and you also now have access to foods that you need to protect the lives of yourself and your family. You should rejoice and be grateful for what is made available to you on this website.

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