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Having the technology, products and supplies to set up a cheap bulk food storage system means the survival of you and your family. The ability to alter food into a far less perishable form has been responsible for the elimination of hunger and famine in the industrialized world. Many people take the availability of food for granted because they have not studied the past clearly enough. In previous eras, a problem with a local food crop could put severe pressure on food supplies. People would have to trade other items they owned to bring food to the region, and if the problem was spread wide enough, people would go hungry and die.

The invention of modern food storage technologies, supplies, and products could be called life changing inventions and solutions. But these solutions are best implemented at various levels. Instead of expecting the government to provide all of the solutions to food supply problems, it is far more effective to plan at the community, church, or synagogue level. Even individuals should be taking control of their own food storage, but if the rest of the community is starving, you are not likely to be alive long enough to benefit from having stored food unless you keep your long term food storage plans a secret.

Cheap bulk food storage can be accomplished more effectively if it is done as a community or organization program. A large body of people can buy food in huge quantities to secure the lowest possible prices, and as a group you can have the financial power to make sure that your storage facilities are arranged in the best way possible. Although it is possible to find giant warehouse buildings which can accommodate huge quantities of food, it is best not to group all of your resources in one place. Even if you are insured, you may not be able to replace supplies that are destroyed by fire or water at anywhere near the same price.

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To make a cheap bulk food storage system work for both a home program or a community endeavor is to have long term food storage guidelines in hand to keep everything on a survival food storage list and make sure it is used in the right order. Any time food is allowed to perish because it has not been used, you incur an unnecessary expense. A computerized record of every purchase by date and a notation of its expiration date is essential for a long term food storage program. This is also the step you must have accomplished before you begin arranging everything in the proper food storage order.

Different kinds of food will have different expiration dates and so those that expire first should be kept in the front of the food supply. This of course means that you will have to use the food according to its expiration date and not by just how long it has been stored. You need to avoid the possibility of food going rotten while other food of the same type is eaten before it. To make this happen, you need the right design of food storage shelves or racks which allow food to be drawn forward and other food placed at the back behind it. You will avoid waste with this system of cheap bulk food storage.

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