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Since it is vital to have knowledge of the best long term food storage methods complete with survival foods it is also very important to have the best long term food storage list also. The most important use for food storage is to prevent uneven crop yields from leading to hunger, famine and many unnecessary deaths. Food can be stored when good yields take place and it can be consumed during poor ones. Food is also stored as part of a survival plan by people worried about impending disasters, and by people who simply want more convenience.

The food supply was very fragile in years gone by compared to the way it has been successfully maintained in the modern world. In years past food could not be stored, so everyone had to eat what was available at the time. If there was a crop blight, or some other disaster which rendered food inedible, people would go hungry and their lives would be in danger. Although modern food storage techniques have often been criticized for not retaining the nutrients found in fresh food, in a situation of shortage stored food can easily save lives.

In this day and age due to collapsing national currencies and the inevitable hyper inflation that is coming, many people want to set up a home food storage program before food is no longer affordable. This is also a double edged sword, because if the economic collapse is bad enough to leave everyone hungry, anyone accumulating an emergency food storage supply is certain to become a victim of violent crime if they have unwisely let others know what they were doing. Those storing food either need to keep what they are doing secret or live far away from the troubled cities that will be filled with roaming gangs looking to do anything to stay alive.

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But most easy food storage in the past was done for completely different reasons. It was done as simply a matter of convenience. But in the modern times we are living in with the profit motive first in the minds of the food manufacturers most of the techniques used in food storage are those that diminish the nutrient content of the food to an unacceptable degree. There is no doubt that the flexibility of being able to plan a diet knowing that the food you want will be available makes up for this some what. Moreover, you can always add nutritional supplements. All types of food are now preserved in some form or other, and are available to be eaten any time of the year.

But getting back to planning long term food storage for disaster, the most common long term food storage methods involve the use of metal tins and plastic airtight containers with Gamma Lids. Canned food can also last for years, but be sure the cans the food is stored in are not made from aluminum. Even if food stored in air tight containers or cans is consumed beyond the expiration date you have placed on them, there is unlikely to be any ill effect to those who have eaten food from them. Have a long term food storage list and guidelines that will help you keep track so that you can purchase food when it is on sale and thus continually replenish the food you draw from.

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