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After reviewing different suppliers this research reviewer discovered one company with the best vegetarian freeze dried food for sale and you can even buy a one year supply of freeze-dried veggies for only $600 (see the last two paragraphs). We will discuss that company below, but first let us talk about why vegetarian freeze-dried food is the best for you and for your long term food storage system and program and why it is best for vegetarian backpacking meals and the best camping food for vegetarians.

What makes vegetarian food the best of the freeze-dried food varieties? Well, the Creator designed the body of man to eat primarily plants. Backing up this assertion is Genesis chapter two where God gives man a plant based diet by telling him what to eat. Moreover, all meat eaters are designed with special teeth for cutting meat. Humans have teeth designed for eating plants. The intestinal system of meat eaters is short and straight. But in all plant eating animals it is long and winding as it is in humans.

But for long term food storage purposes vegetarian freeze-dried food has an advantage over food containing freeze-dried meat because plant based food can be stored longer and hold its nutritional value longer than freeze-dried meat. When Joseph, son of Jacob, developed a long term emergency food storage program for the ancient Egyptians he knew that grains (plant food) would keep well in the dry Egyptian climate. When you store freeze dried plant based food for long term food storage it is similar to what Joseph did. Also, if you live in a humid climate freeze dried food still works and can last many many years.

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Who makes the best vegetarian freeze dried food? After researching diligently and looking for the best provider of vegetarian freeze-dried food, this researcher found that The Ready Store offered the very highly favored Mountain House™ and Saratoga Farms™ freeze-dried foods. They are second to none regarding quality and taste. Although the meat is absent, none of the flavor and nutrition is gone. Their Vegetarian Sampler has 40% more servings than previously and with a deep discount savings of 29% or more. This Vegetarian Sampler as it is called, provides a delicious selection of entrées for a vegetarian diet and is an excellent addition to your emergency food storage reserves.

The vegetarian freeze-dried foods supplied by The Ready Store also have numerous advantages over vegetarian dehydrated foods. These freeze-dried foods taste much better than the dehydrated vegetarian foods because the freeze-drying process produces a better retention of taste, texture, and shape of the foods. Additionally, freeze-drying secures the freshness, vitamins, nutrition, color, and aroma of fresh frozen vegetarian foods while at the same time delivering to you the storage stability and convenience of both canned and dehydrated vegetarian foods.

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Although vegetarian freeze dried food is not raw food picked right from the garden, it is designed to have a long lasting shelf-life and to be free of allergy producing pathogens such as pork, shellfish, and peanuts. Yes, it is pork free, shellfish free, and peanut free. If properly stored it will last from twenty five to thirty years and yield many servings. But an OPENED container has an estimated shelf life of six to twelve months. To get the maximum shelf life from an opened can, please provide storage in an cool place with a temperature of 60°F or lower and humidity of 10% or less.

Included in the freeze-dried Vegetarian Sampler sold through The Ready Store is one can of pasta primavera, one can of long grain and wild rice pilaf, one can of macaroni and cheese, one can of broccoli cheddar soup, one can of creamy tortilla soup, and one can of potato chowder. Add these to a selection of meals ready to eat (MREs) and your emergency food storage system will have the variety you need to prevent menu fatigue and food monotony should you need to access your survival supply for biological, earthquake, electrical, financial, fire, flood, hurricane, medical, nuclear, storm, or tornado reasons. It pays to be prepared.

The Ready Store also has a product called the Ultimate Freeze-Dried Vegetable Supply which is also referred to as the Ultimate Year Supply of Freeze-Dried Veggies. This twelve month supply of vegetarian freeze dried food lasts up to thirty years and comes in thirty easily stackable #10 cans. So if you are concerned about what your family is going to do if a disaster or crisis ever strikes, then The Ready Store’s Ultimate Year Supply of Freeze-Dried Veggies is a wonderful way to erase those worries about not being prepared. This particular food is also wonderful for vegetarian camping food or backpacking meals.

The food guide pyramid issued by the FDA suggests that each person should have two and a half cups of veggies daily, but after natural disasters good food can be difficult to procure. The freeze-drying process that the Ready Store's own brand called Saratoga Farms utilizes on their veggies captures all the vitamins and nutrients so you can be assured of a healthy eating experience. And because of the fantastic variety and taste of this supply of freeze-dried veggies, keeping healthy is easy! All you need to do is to add a little water and the peas, onions, broccoli, and other vegetables rapidly come to life with their fresh taste and crisp texture. You can also use them in your favorite recipes for even more flavor and nutrition.





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